david - Matt Vernon FSHS 350 4/23/2008 In our society we...

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Matt Vernon FSHS 350 5/7/2009 In our society we probably put the most trust in our doctors and healthcare professionals. Medical doctors and physiologists are to us now what priests were to people of medieval Europe six hundred years ago. We expect them to cure any ailment and to be completely trustworthy while doing. We put so much trust and stock into what doctors can do and say that we allow them sedate us and cut us open. I personally cannot think of any other profession that we trust more besides a doctor. Some doctors are pioneers in there field when they try radical new treatments that end up working which bring them fame and fortune. The question is though, what happens when a doctor takes advantage of that trust when he try’s new treatments. David Reimer’s family trusted Dr. John Money to treat and help David but he took advantage of a family that was trying give a better life to there son. I will be discussing throughout this paper the fact that Dr. Money was incompetent should have imprisoned for the hell he put David through. When first reading through the book and reading about the background of the Reimer family I was very sympathetic for them but not shocked since I had an idea of what happened to David and his ghastly circumcision. I was prepared when I read it, and if I had not been biased and knowing about Dr. Money I would have agreed with his theories of nurture over nature. I just do because I believe that you become what you are because of how your parents raise you. I believe that if you are diligent and virtuous man its because of your father’s teaching and if your are kind, respectful, and courteous to women its because your mother was a good example of a lady. Personally I throw a football like my father because he taught me his form of throwing. My beliefs were shaken when I was reading the book and I came across the example of Brenda choosing to pee standing up on page sixty-one. Its little things like that separate males and females 1
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david - Matt Vernon FSHS 350 4/23/2008 In our society we...

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