Materialism and the Good Life

Materialism and the - Paragraph 2 I will explain how it drives capitalism and why that is good Paragraph 3 I will explain why hard work and

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Jack Brinck Danison Robinson WRIT-140 Materialism and the Good Life Paragraph Plan 8/31/06 In this paper I intend to prove materialism to a degree is not only positive but a necessity, yet has the potential to overreach its bounds and become something terrible when one allows it to overstep its bounds. Paragraph 1: Introduction, will write after I am done with the essay. Thesis: Materialism, up to a point, is positive in American culture, for it drives capitalism and engenders hard work in the average worker, yet morphs into a terrible desire when it oversteps its bounds and detracts from friendships and replaces other more compassionate forms of judgment and human interaction.
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph 2: I will explain how it drives capitalism and why that is good. Paragraph 3: I will explain why hard work and friendship are important to the Good Life. Paragraph 4: I will explain how materialism fosters hard work in people and explain why that is a good thing. Paragraph 5: I will explain how it detracts from friendships and its place in the creation of the social structure and why that is a bad thing Paragraph 6: I will conclude with a very certain distinction as to when materialism has overstepped its bounds and changes from something positive to something negative. And my point will be proven....
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