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discussion notes - Social drama Moore's textbook for the...

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9/28/07 Social drama? Moore’s textbook for the definition. Impact of ownership? THE MEAT FIGHT N!amshi – shot first antelope Khan//a – expert hunter from another band, found the animal and began to distribute the meat among his people. N!amshi and his uncle, Young /Toma, arrived to claim ownership of the meat. A dispute ensued which was mediated by /Toma Word, the leader of a third band N!amshi returns to his band carrying the beast’s shoulder to use in his initiation ceremony With the ownership of the meat still in doubt, people began to take meat for themselves “Meat should be properly disputed, or else there will be endless jealousies.” Eventually, meat distributed o First went to someone’s wife o Distributed to all three bands involved, ends peacefully 10/26/07 Three Worlds of Bali Equilibrium must be maintained between three worlds: humans, gods, and demons o Attempt to maintain equilibrium between growth and decay through art
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