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Solutions to Studio #3 ----------------------- 1) Note that A*B*C*1 = A*B*C, so connect the extra input to logic 1. 2) Use 3 of the available gates. connect A,B,C,D to the inputs of one gate. Connect E,F,G,H to the second. Connect the outputs of these 2 gates to two inputs of the third. from problem (1) connect the remaining inputs of the thid gate to logic 1. 3) Initialize the circuit using a binary input. The circuit will not show any legitimiate logic values a the output otherwise. Use a binary probe at the output. You also need to use a switch to cut out the input after having used it for initializing the output. Label the output signal and voila. .. The circuit does not oscillate with 4 inverters. It does not oscillate with 3 inverters, IF not initialized properly, when the output is tristated. In order to initialize correctly, use an SPDT switch, which sets the output of the circuit to a known state initally. Flipping the switch causes the initializing circuit to tbe eliminated from the remainder of
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