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Studio Exercise 4 ECSE-2610 Computer Components & Operations Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Feb 15, 2005 Put your name etc etc on all sheets you hand in. Due at the end of studio 1. For the function F = W'Y'Z' + WX'YZ' + WYZ + WX'Y'Z 1. [5 points] Using the Karnaugh map, obtain the minimum sum of products form for F. 2. [5 points] Convert the original expression to a canonical product of sums for F. 3. [5 points] Using the Karnaugh map, obtain the minimum product of sums for F. 4. [5 points] Implement F in Logicworks, as originally given, as in the
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Unformatted text preview: minimum sum in (a), as in the minimum product in (c). 5. [5 points] Indicate which of the three circuits you prefer and why. 2. [5 points ] Design and implement in LogicWorks a circuit that has 5 switches as input, and one boolean probe (showing 0 or 1) as output. The output is to be 1 if and only if an odd number of the 5 switches are on. Use any available LW components that you wish. Print out the circuit, with your name. (One application of this circuit could be to generate a parity check bit.) Total: 30...
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