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Studio_10 - Have the non-builder check wiring Remember...

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NAME:__________________________________, RCS Id: ____________ Section:_____________ ECSE 2610 Computer Components & Operations Studio # 10 Tuesday, April 12 Protoboard activity : Design a 2-bit counter, with one input M. If M=0, the counter performs binary down counting 00--> 11-->10-->01-->00, If M=1, the counter performs Gray counting 00-->01-->11-->10-->00. Display the output. Hint: Use the 7 segment display/driver board for the display and switch for the generation of M. Use Timer board to generate clock sginal with 1Hz. TA sign off. Some suggestions: Use LogicWork to develop the circuit and record the pin numbers of the chips you use. Check and verify as you build.
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Unformatted text preview: Have the non-builder check wiring. Remember: extra wires are harder to find than missing wires. Check all power and ground connections. Use a "Divide and Conquer": Start with what you "know" is working, such as the input, or independently test the output or other sections. Use the logic probe to see what youve got. IMPORTANT: Keep the lab neat. Scraps of wire or insulation may fall on the floor. Collect them as you go and put them in the trash when you are done. You are not finished until the lab is clean and your protoboard is put away. TA sign off , circuit works: ____________. Everything cleaned up and put away: ____________...
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