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part 1 ------- QQ* UV (note that Q* is next state and not Q' which is the complement of Q) 00 x0 01 x1 10 0x 11 1x part 2 -------- From the excitation table in part 1, form the Kmap (3 inputs: U,V,Q) to obtain Q* = QU + VQ' part 3 ------- JK excitation table:
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Unformatted text preview: QQ* JK 00 0x 01 1x 10 x1 11 x0 U V Q Q* J K 0000 0x 0010 x1 0101 1x 0110 x1 1000 0x 1011 x0 1101 1x 1111 x0 Based on this table, K maps for J,K can be filled out to obtain simple expressions J=V K=U'...
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