Studio_12sol - As it turns out, Expresso expects that all...

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Solutions to Studio 12 ----------------------- The exciation/output table can be constructed from the solutions to last week's studio, from the state/output table. Q0,Q1,Q2 => flip flop variables Q: quarter D: Dime N: Nickel C: Coin return DG: Dispense Goodies RC: Return Coins Q0 Q1 Q2 Q D N C Q0* Q1* Q2* Dg RC 0001000 00010 0000100 01100 0000010 00100 0000001 00001 000 (any other combination here) xxxxx 0011000 00110 0010100 01000 0010010 01100 0010001 00001 001 (any other combination here) xxxxx 0111000 01110 0110100 11000 0110010 01000 0110001 00001 011 (any other combination here) xxxxx 0101000 01010 0100100 00010 0100010 11000 0100001 00001 010 (any other combination here) xxxxx 1101000 11010 1100100 00110 1100010 00010 1100001 00001 110 (any other combination here) xxxxx any combination apart from those listed above => xxxxx output
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Unformatted text preview: As it turns out, Expresso expects that all possible input sequences be listed out in the input file, even if the corresponding outputs are Dont Cares. The other option is to use a reduced size input file, but then the output is not well minimized, and the implementation complexity in LogicWorks is much greater. Therefore there is a tradeoff here. IN general, it is more beneficial to have a fully minimized expression before building the circuit. running expresso on the input gives the following output Q0* = Q0'.Q1.Q2'.N + Q1.Q2.D + Q0.Q Q1* = Q0'.Q1.Q2'.N + Q2.Q'.C' + Q1'.Q2'.D + Q1.Q Q2* = Q0.Q'.N'.C' + Q1'.Q2'.D + Q1'.N +Q2.Q DG = D'.N'.C' + Q1.Q2'.D + Q0.C' Rc = C...
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Studio_12sol - As it turns out, Expresso expects that all...

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