Studio_7 - Your circuit will have 3 inputs A3 A2 and A1 and...

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NAME:__________________________________, RCS Id: ____________ Section:_____________ Studio Exercise 7 ECSE-2610 Computer Components & Operations Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Mar 22, 2005 IMPORTANT: Keep the lab neat. Scraps of wire or insulation may fall on the floor. Collect them as you go and put them in the trash when you are done. You are not finished until the lab is clean and your protoboard is put away. Design a 3-to-2 priority encoder using any available 74xx chips (except a priority encoder chip itself). A priority encode has several inputs that each may be true or false. It reports the number of highest true input. One application would be a computer's I/O bus. If several devices simultaneously want service, the priority encoder would pick the highest one.
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Unformatted text preview: Your circuit will have 3 inputs: A3, A2, and A1, and 2 outputs, B1 and B0. If A3=1, then B1B0=11. If A3=0 and A2=1, then B1B0=10. If A3=A2=0 and A1=1, then B1B0=01. If A3=A2=A1=0, then B1B0=00. 1. Write the truth table. 2. Minimize it using any legal technique. 3. Design a circuit. Be sure that your design uses chips that are available in the lab. 4. Simulate it in LogicWorks. Print out the circuit showing what the output is for the input A3A2A1=011. 5. Build it on the protoboard. 6. Demo it to the TA and have him/her sign off. 7. Put everything away and have the TA sign off. TA sign off , circuit works: ____________. Everything cleaned up and put away: ____________...
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Studio_7 - Your circuit will have 3 inputs A3 A2 and A1 and...

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