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Assignment 5

Assignment 5 - Matthew Cunningham Writ 140 Assignment 5...

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Matthew Cunningham Writ 140 Assignment 5 Music and Society Topic Music has undoubtedly had a great impact on our outlook of the world. Just as some have interpreted the Public Enemy song “Fight the Power” to be an endorsement of violent uprising, musicians have long come under fire for their supposed influence on impressionable youths. Parents in the 1960s worried that letting their children watch Mick Jagger sing “Let’s Spend the Night Together” on the Ed Sullivan show would lead to their moral decline, and the Stones were forced to change the lyrics to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together”. More recently, the Black Eyed Peas came under fire for recording a song called “Let’s Get Retarded”. They bowed to pressure and re-recorded the song as “Let’s Get it Started,” lest people misinterpreted the song about partying beyond reason as an invitation to make fun of the mentally challenged community. Marilyn Manson was targeted by various groups who accused him of somehow
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