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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Computer Components & Operations Studio Exercise 1, Jan 25, 2005 Rules Writing Standards Please legibly identify everything you write in some format like the following: COCO Studio 1 (studio number) Section 9 (your section number) Qiang Ji (your name) Thoroughly identifying everything you write is generally good idea. Due This studio is due at the end of the studio. Some future, longer, studios will be due at the start of the following week's studio. We'll say when. Individual Activity Please do, and hand in, this work individually. (In future studios, when you actually build a circuit, that work will be done, and handed in, in pairs). Since two of you will share a computer, one can work on part 1 using the computer while the other one works on part 2, which does not need a computer. The Work 1. LogicWorks (10 points) Go through the following LogicWorks Tutorial that will show you how quickly you can create and test a circuit using LogicWorks. 1. Start LogicWorks 4 by selecting it from the Start menu. You should see three windows pop up. The window on the top left of the screen is called the design window. This has LogicWorks4 - [Circuit1.cct] written on its title bar. This is where we will draw the circuit
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to be simulated. The window on the right is called the parts pallette and the window below the design window is called the timing window. 2. Go to the parts pallette. Select the drop-down list at the top. Choose Simulation Gates.clf from the options in the list. Now you should see a listing of various gates in the lower part of the
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studio_1 - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computer...

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