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sample_test3 - Exam#1 Spring 2001 Last name of student...

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Exam #1, Spring, 2001 Last name of student Student ID number Section First name of student Email address Exam Rules: This is a 1 hour and 50 minutes exam The syllabus includes all material covered until Lecture/Activity 9 This is an Open Book and Notes Exam You are not allowed to consult any other student You may NOT use a calculator, laptop, palmtop, PDA, or such other computer If you need more space, continue on the back sides of pages, but make sure to indicate a continuation 1 2 3 4 5 Total 20 points 20 points 15 points 25 points 20 points 100 points Representing Logic Functions Number & Symbol Representation, Arithmetic Boolean Algebra K-maps MUX/DMUX
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1. (20 points) Representations of Logic Functions a. (5 points) Fill up the above truth table representing b c a c b a c b a G + + + = ) ( ) ( ) , , ( b. (5 points) Write the shorthand minterm and Maxterm representations for G(a ,b, c): minterm Maxterm c. (5 points) Write the canonical minterm and Maxterm representations for G(a, b, c): Canonical minterm Canonical Maxterm d. (5 points) Prepare an espresso input file representing G(a, b, c):
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