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The Founders - The Founders Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth...

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The Founders Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton - traveled to London in 1840 for a World Anti-Slavery Convention - Seneca Falls Convention of 1848: group of American women and men met to discuss the legal limitations imposed on women during this period SNCC= Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee - formed after lunch counter sit-ins in February 1960 - sent out the call for northern volunteers to help register black voters in Mississippi in 1964 - cast the image of a young fearless black male and women of both races were expected to occupy lesser role - 1964 Mary King and Casey Hayden o Wrote a paper on women in the SNCC and how the average white person doesn’t realize he assumes he is superior bc of race as well as men thinking they are superior over women o In 1965 the rewrote it naming it A Kind Memo and signed their names to it and sent it to anti war activists o 1966 printed in Liberation magazine - 1966- slowly became an all black movement SDS= Students for a Democratic Society - primary force on the white New Left - both men and women members but men played more important roles while women did chores such as cooking - 1966= Conference at University of Illinois where A Kind Memo was discussed o Turned into a 3 day discussion about women in SDS- 1 st time this was done - 1967- Convention in Ann Arbor where Women’s Liberation was present Women’s Liberation - NY chapter= New York Radical Women - Founded a few years after the Civil Rights movement - Pam Allen = held first meeting in NY in November 1967 - First action: o January 1968 o March on Washington against the Vietnam War- called for by Women Strike for Peace (WSP) WSP- founded in 1961 in response to nuclear testing Most important women’s peace group in the country o Group of 30 Women’s Lib marched around the capital on opening day of Congress with a paper mache coffin o Women Strike for Peace post rally
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Women’s lib members walked in with their coffin. WSP was appalled bc they felt the Vietnam War was more important to protest - February 1968 o Anne Koedt had a citywide meeting of women of the left Leftists didn’t push for women’s rights but Women Liberation did Pushed for eliminating women’s oppression but didn’t get a good response from the leftists - Spring 1968 o Womens Lib put together 1 st collection of writing= Notes from the First Year Female Liberation Front= Cell 16 - Boston - Started by Roxanne Dunbar and Dana Densmore - Branched from leftists - “The temptation to be a beautiful object” - May 1969- Dunbar and Hawley organize a New England regional meeting on Women’s Liberation at Emmanual College o Inspired the formation of the Social Feminist “Bread and Roses” Led by Tax and Gordon Became authors and editors of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” - Dunbar leaves Boston in 1969 to pursue her radical vision in New Orleans - Stayed together until 1973- 6 th issue of No More Fun and Games published West Side Group= Chicago - National Conference for New Politics- 1967
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The Founders - The Founders Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth...

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