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BILD Study Guide 2

BILD Study Guide 2 - Jill's BILD10 Study Guide/List(just a...

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Jill’s BILD10 Study Guide/List (just a suggestion for studying. the exam could cover stuff not on here, this is just a list of important concepts) 1. Know the structure of a T-phage (2 subunits) and what their functions are 2. Know the Hersey-Chase Waring Blender experiment (what was discovered?) 3. Know the Meselson-Stahl experiment (what was discovered?) 4. Caffeine causes mutations, so that is a what?? 5. How does UV cause DNA damage? (What is formed?) Is there a way to fix this kind of damage? If so, how? (there are 3 enzymes involved) 6. What is Xeroderma? Why does this disease happen? 7. How does X-rays cause DNA damage? 8. How does DNA replicate? In a replication fork. What two enzymes are needed? 9. What happens during transcription? (what is made, what are the enzymes) 10. What happens during translation? (What is made? What are the enzymes and 3 types of RNA?) 11. Know the 3 types of RNA (tRNA, mRNA, rRNA), especially what their functions are!! 12. What is the genetic code graph? It has a total of 64 codes for a codons, including 1 start codon and 3 stop codon. This means there are 61 (64-3. we do not subtract the start codon because it actually codes for an AA, which also means every protein starts with the same AA) codons total coding for 20 AA.
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