Cognitive Science 1 4.10

Cognitive Science 1 4.10 - o They are mostly water and...

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Cognitive Science 1: 4.10 A lot of the brain consists of receptor surfaces o There are more receptors in the ganglion cells o They are most dense in the retina The Brain o It is made of neurons o Long ago, people didn’t know its function o About 150 years ago, the Neuron Doctrine was invented o Neuron Doctrine – that there are tiny individual cells within the brain Neurons o Are like any cells
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Unformatted text preview: o They are mostly water and theres a membrane on the outside o Neurons ca get quite big o They can get to a meter long o Dendrites are inputs o Axons are outputs o Synapse is the connection o Synaptic buttons are where they • Action Potential o Cells communicate through voltage changes o The whole cell is some charge o When a cell communicate, it changes its voltage o...
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