BILD 10 - 11.08

BILD 10 - 11.08 - Chomosomes + Mitosis Eukaryoc Gene...

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BILD 10 - 11.08 Prof. Green is old. I can't believe hes still teaching. Today he asked the class who falls asleep in his lectures . .. I didn't raise my hand even though I fall asleep all the time. What is the inducer of a Lactose Operon? Lactose Levels of Regulation of Gene Expression 1. Transcriptional Level - Rate of mRNA synthesis 2. Translational Level - hmRNA --> mRNA --> Protein 3. Post=Translational Level - Inactive Enzyme --> Active Enzyme - ProteinKinase --- ProtKinase + CyAMP + ATP Typsinogen ---> Trypsinogen Inactive Active Proinsulin --Protease--> Insulin Prokaryots Eukaryots 1. Operons: Yes No 2. Introns: No Yes 3. RNA Processing Little Lots 4. Chomatin No Yes
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Unformatted text preview: Chomosomes + Mitosis Eukaryoc Gene REgulation Cell Differentiation- Fetal Development- Female X-Chromosome inactivation - Tissue/Organ specificity- Cell Matuturation- Blood Cell (DNA destroyed)- Tissue and Organ regeneration and repair- Liver- Ligaments- What about brain & hearts? Cell Cycle- Mitosis- DNA Synthesis- Terminal Defferentiation Specific Proteins are synthesized during certain stages of cell cycle.) Note: Mitosis turns off all genes. After M, correct genes must turn back on. We don't particulary know how! Three organizations- Proteins (peptide) Insulun Endorphins Enkephatins- Amines- NH2 Group- Adreneline...
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BILD 10 - 11.08 - Chomosomes + Mitosis Eukaryoc Gene...

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