BILD 10 11.29

BILD 10 11.29 - c. No Mitosis 2. Ribosome structure a. Like...

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BILD 10: 11.29.05 Mutations occur randomly. Where ever there is DNA / Base pair, there is a chance for mutation. We are diverse. Big Questions in Evolution Physics: What came before “Big Bang?” Bio: 1. How did life begin? 2. How did eukaryotes evolve from prokaryotes? 3. Will man destroy Homo Sapiens and how many other species? Evidence for Common Origin of All Living Things 1. Metabolic Pathways a. Glycolysis b. Krebs Cycle c. Oxidative Phyosphorylation i. Electron Transport Chain 2. Universal Genetic Code and Method of Protein Synthesis a. DNA RNA Protein 3. Gene and Protein Sequences 4. The Cell (and its components) is the basic unit of all life forms 5. Main Question: What do similarities between Birds and E.Coli and human cells prove? a. What mutations could have created new genes? Darwin- “The Origin of Species” (1859) Evolution by Natural Selection: “Survival of the Fittest” Chloroplasts and Mitochondria Similarities to Prokaryotes (bacteria) 1. DNA: a. Small Circular b. No chromatin or chromosomes
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Unformatted text preview: c. No Mitosis 2. Ribosome structure a. Like bacteria (30S + 50S = 70S) 3. Protein Synthesis a. Sensitive to antibiotics i. Strephomycin, Evolution from Prokaryotes to Eukaryotes Theory of Endosymbiosis (Lynn Margulis, 1971) Chloroplasts and mitochondria were once from living bacteria Union between different species led to selective advantage Example: Photosynthesis bacterium joins with single celled animal host productin Paramecium busaria. Comparing Beta Chain with Humans 1. Gorillas 1 difference in beta chain 2. Dogs 15 differences in beta chain 3. Beta chain has 146 Amino Acids 4. The close the beta chains, the more recently you evolved from that species. 5. Mice 27 differences in beta chain Lamphrey and insects transport hemoglobin using only alpha-globin in hemoglobin. A region of a protein that has one function is a doman Exons code for domains 1 Exom = 1 Domain...
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BILD 10 11.29 - c. No Mitosis 2. Ribosome structure a. Like...

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