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BILD 10 Assignment

BILD 10 Assignment - epidemic in Europe centuries ago...

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Khoa Nguyen PID: A06594855 TA: Robert Yee November 18, 2005 Article Summary In the article “New AIDS Study Reveals Startling Immunity Data” the author talks about a newly discovered gene that could allow complete immunity against the AIDS virus. The gene called CKR5 is responsible for the production of a protein that determines what is allowed to enter a cell. A mutation of this gene confers resistance to HIV. In order for HIV to infect a host cell it must enter a host cell in order to infect it. In the mutated CKR5 gene, an allele produced by a single nucleotide deletion of the CKR5 gene doesn’t allow HIV to enter the cell, thus providing the cell resistance to the HIV virus. Recent studies found that the immunity was most common in Caucasians and almost non-existent in African- Americans. Some scientists induce that this could be a possible evolutionary result of an AIDS
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Unformatted text preview: epidemic in Europe centuries ago, allowing for the descendants of the survivors to possess the mutated gene. Furthermore, out of the 1,850 people tested in a recent study, 600 were immune to the HIV virus. With this new information on the genetic mutation of genes like CKR5, scientists can become closer to finding a cure for the AIDS virus. In the article, there was reference to the evolutionary and genetic inheritance of the CKR5 gene which was something we had discussed in lecture when we were talking about heritance. Furthermore, there was mention of how the HIV virus infects cells and the how it had to enter the semi permeable cell membrane in order to infect the host cell. In addition, the article also talked about genetic mutations and the synthesis of proteins from genes....
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