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BILD 10 - 11.15 - 2. Helper lymphocytes (Th) 3. Macrophages...

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BILD 10: 11/15/05 - Review Session 8:00 to 10:00pm York 2722 What Problems Does the Immune System Face? 1. Infections 2. Cancer 3. Transplants – Man Made Problems. Difficulties: 1. Too little – immunodeficiency, genetic (SCID) or acquired (AIDS) 2. Too much – hyper immunity (anaphylactic shock) 3. Inappropriate – allergies, autoimmunity 4. Tolerance – self vs. non-self a. Many pathogens avoid host immune response by “host mimicry” - Immune system’s ability to recognize differences between antigens and bodily Two Immune Responses 1. Humoral Immunity Cells involved: B-lymphocytes Produce antibodies (Ab) vs. antigens (Ag) in blood Examples of antigens 1. Poisons/Toxins 2. Circulating bacteria in blood 3. Viruses in blood Mechanism of Action Ag + Ab -- Ag-Ab complex Ag-Ab complex removed from blood by macrophages 2. Cell-Mediated Immunity Examples: 1. Pathogens in our cells(bacteria, fungi, viruses) 2. Organ/tissue implants 3. Some tumor cells Cells involved: 1. Killer T cells (Te lymphocytes) produce perforin to lyre cells
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Helper lymphocytes (Th) 3. Macrophages Helper T cells and macrophages both produce Cytokines/interleukins (protein hormones for white blood cells use to communicate with each other) Mechanism of Action Detect foreign antigens on cell membrane-Thymine and spleen produce white blood cells to fight disease and bone marrow.- Totipotent --- Know definition Development of Lymphocytes-Start out in the bone marrow or liver-Becomes a Lymphocyte stem cell-B Cells are involved in the Humoral Immunity-T Cells are involved in the Cell-Mediated Immunity Clonal Selection-Proteins go into your blood and bind to B cells-Ag acts as a mitogen-Mitogen a chemical that induced mitosis-What is left are memory cells-Antigen acts as a Mitogen Antibody Molecule-Consists of 2H (Heavy) and 2L (Light)-1 Ab molecule has: o 2H = Heavy Chain (high MW) o 2L = Light Chains (low MW) Developmental Biology...
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BILD 10 - 11.15 - 2. Helper lymphocytes (Th) 3. Macrophages...

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