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BILD 10 Final Exam Review

BILD 10 Final Exam Review - BILD 10 Final Exam Review...

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BILD 10: Final Exam Review Evolution: Mitochondria and chloroplasts have bacterial ribosome. That makes them sensitive to the same antibiotics that act on bacteria. Their protein synthesis can be inhibited by antibiotics. Mitochondria and chloroplasts used to be prokaryotes. Exons code for domain Domain has function in a protein o ATP binding site Found in related proteins And in unrelated proteins And in unrelated living things o E.g. Humans and E. Coli Roughly 600 genes that have been identified in fruit fly that contain genes that are identical to humans that cause disease. Know : Different enzymes have different functions o I.e: Protein kinase, ATP, Protein – that has 10 amino acids. Fruit fly has 10 amino acids. What are the chances
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