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BILD Articles - Articles Sex & the since cell, Gender...

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Articles Both the mother and the father contribute to the genetic blueprint of the child; the father who carries either and X or Y chromosome and the mother carrying an X chromosome. If the chromosomes are XX then the offspring will be female If the chromosomes are XY then the offspring will be male The development of human gonads – ovaries in females, testes in male – is a unique embryological situation. They have the ability to become either ovaries or testes, unlike any other developing cells. One gene called SRY, for Sex-determining Region of the Y is thought to be responsible for physical characteristics of a male. The SRY gene goes to work during the seventh week, prompting the cells to produce testosterone with facilitates the production of testes, and the Mullerian-inhibiting substance, which destroys other cells that are predisposed to become female organs. SRY had been detected in brain cells and may be responsible for determining sexual behavior. At eight weeks, both male and females form nipples, but by the ninth week, the breast tissue in males withers away. Chromosomes – Threadlike bodies in the nucleus of a cell that appear when the cell divides. Chromosomes carry the genes that determine heredity. Differentiation – The process in development in which similar cells evolve into something else (i.e. other kinds of cells, tissues or organs). Cells that have not yet begun this
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BILD Articles - Articles Sex & the since cell, Gender...

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