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Humanities Lecture 3.8

Humanities Lecture 3.8 - Humanities Lecture 3.8 Gorgias...

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Humanities Lecture 3.8 Gorgias Encomium of Helen I. Introduction A. Gorgias of Leontini 1. Encomium of Helen 2. Speech in defense of Helen 3. Praise of the power of logos (speech) to persuade 4. Helen, in her attractive beauty, is image for power of persuasion 5. Presented in court case 6. It is a demonstration of the power of Logos B. Defense of Helen 1. Divine Will a) First possibility is that it was fate that she went 2. Physical Force a) Second option is that she was abducted by force 3. Persuasion a) Third, she was persuaded by speech 4. Eros a) Fourth she was persuaded by Eros, or infratuation 5. Defense a) If she was persuaded by the first, third, or fourth, then she couldn’t have resisted. Thus, she should be acquitted II. Persuaded by Words A. Knowledge 1. Knowledge Impossible a) The past, present, and future are incomprehensible and as a consequence we must rely on opinion and conjecture b) In the absence of real words, then Paris’s words were equally as forceful c)
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