Humanities Lecture 3.15

Humanities Lecture 3.15 - a Rape presented as comedy to a...

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Humanities Lecture: 3.15 I. Meander’s Plays as Romantic “New Comedy” A. Romantic Comedy 1. Love Interest a) 2. Hindrances to Romance a) Mix-ups b) Mistaken Identities 3. Symmetries a) Emphasis on symmetry increases hierarchy b) 2 slaves c) 2 of every character d) Old age vs. youth e) Male vs. Female f) Free vs. Slave g) Union of lovers at the end of the play causes everything to fall into  place B. Characters and Plot Mechanisms 1. Pericles’ Marriage Law a) Conflict between playboy son and rigid controlling father b) Mistaken Identity c) Rings and jewelry often used to identify their true identities 2. C. Marriage and New Comedy 1. Reproducing Citizens a) Marriage of non citizens was not recognized by the state b) Contact between males and females was regulated c) Very important to the life of the city d) Citizen woman were rarely seen in the city 2. Regulation of Females a) Females were kept away from males 3. Marriage, Rape, Comedy
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Unformatted text preview: a) Rape presented as comedy to a society that valued female chastity b) Brings new challenges to the dramatist along D. Plot Outline 1. Ion and Arbitration a) Simliarities, In the recognition scene, Xouthos questions how he had this child in Delphi b) Maiden is raped and exposes her child who is raised up with identifying tokens marriage is a problem for women but problem is resolved when they find the father of the child II. The Athenian Rape Law A. Seduction vs. Rape 1. Seduction a) A more serious crime than rape b) A seducer could be killed on the spot by the husband c) The husband could also take the seducer into jail and hold ransom d) Seduction: on trial for life e) Rape: receives a fine for their 2. Rape B. Violation of Body or Mind 1. Homosocial Relations 2. Hubris vs. Violence a) Hubris: humiliate someone...
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Humanities Lecture 3.15 - a Rape presented as comedy to a...

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