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Humanities Study Notes: I. Rape A.In he Hebrew Bible 1.Matter between men 2.Doesn’t matter what woman says 3.Rape is in the form of human to human B.In Odyssey 1.Odyssey: Illegitimate child a)Dowry was to go to Penelope’s father b)He was a bastard child c)He marries rich to become legitimate 2.Odyssey and Calypso a)He was kept there against his will b)God not really raped him C.In Greek 1.Usually used to justify male relationships 2.Pattern a)Seizure b)Grief c)Search d)Settlement 3.Hymn to Demeter a)Cult of Demeter b)On religious days, women take over the city c)It’s a women’s cult d)In greek, its used as a mechanism to connect gods to humans 4.Ion a)Kreousa and her whole speech b)Kreousa is raped by Apollo 5.Arbitration a)Hamphelie is raped by her future husband b)In the end she was about to expose it, but the servant Anonosemion finds out that the father was the husband c)Rape is used as a mechanism for the comedy, its not really important because it is a comedy d)Phamphilia never says anything throughout the day, and all she talks about is the good things about marriage e)Never complains about anything f)Commits women to a low status II. Ethnicity and Nationalism A.In Hebrew Bible 1. The Israelites did not have his own land 2.Owning vs. Possessing a)The Canaanites wickedness was what prolonged the land 3.Nationalism a)Israelites are god’s people and they are nationlists
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Humanities Study Notes - Humanities Study Notes: I.Rape...

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