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Mark Bennetti Homework #2 President Woodrow Wilson faced many difficult decisions during his presidency. Wilson proposed The New Freedom, Fourteen Points, and had the difficult task of deciding when to enter World War One. However, it’s very hard to believe that he considered and actually took away some of Americans civil liberties. As the saying goes, “drastic times calls for drastic measure,” this was exactly the case for President Wilson. Civil liberties are basic individual rights granted to every American in the Bill of Rights. These civil liberties include freedom of speech, press, and religion. The liberties are suppose to be protected by the government and guaranteed in full. This was not the case in the midst of the outbreak of World War One. President Wilson found himself debating when the right time was to enter the war. Americans were very divided about entering WWI. Teddy Roosevelt was criticizing Wilson for not taking proper action to enter the war. Roosevelt’s constant criticism of Wilson made many people not support
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hwk #2 HST - Mark Bennetti Homework #2 President Woodrow...

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