Soc Essay #2 - Mark Bennetti Transitioning to Mature...

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Mark Bennetti Dr. Tweet Transitioning to Mature Adulthood Essay November 27, 2007 In today’s society it seems that the norms for middle class families are changing. More middle class families are moonlighting, self-provisioning, and using the dual earner strategy to survive. It was quite common in the middle class family that I observed over the past month or so. They seemed to have adjusted to their changing surroundings and have adapted to the changing society. The family I observed wishes that there names be left out of this essay and out of respect I will do just that. This middle class family has a husband and wife who have been married for twenty years and they have three sons. Two sons are active in sports for their high school while the oldest son is in college. The husband and wife both have jobs. They have chosen to participate in what is called the dual earner strategy. It is starting to become a norm in society to have the wife go out into the workforce and bring in money. With the rise of prices in today’s economy and the decline in the value of a dollar every cent is needed. Furthermore, the family is able to survive better by having two sources of
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Soc Essay #2 - Mark Bennetti Transitioning to Mature...

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