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Mark Bennetti Homework #3 The roaring twenties was a time period of excitement and uprising after the end of World War One. Significant changes occurred in consumer spending, industrial growth, and overall changes in many Americans lifestyles. National Prohibition was put into place to help control the overall drunkenness of people in the twenties. Also, a negative of the roaring twenties was the rise of the Ku Klux Klan as a part of social conservatism. If one word were used to describe the roaring twenties, it would be change. Many changes took place after the war was won. Sports became a national spectacle as people had more free time on their hands. This was a result from an increase in employment that allowed more people to work which in turn allowed people to have free time not having to work as many hours. Baseball took off the most as the first sports idol was deemed in Babe Ruth. Another large change in the roaring twenties was sex. Sex was never mentioned or talked about until now. Many people, women especially, wanted to explore
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homework #3 - Mark Bennetti Homework #3 The roaring...

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