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Essay 2 - Essay two Thesis Stimulants had a large effect on...

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Essay two Thesis Stimulants had a large effect on the European world and their development. All of these itema when first discovered were rare and only used by a small portion of the population, however the longer coffee, tea and tobacco were around the more popular and widespread its use became. Schivelbush examines the development of these stimulants and their social acceptance in Europe. Courtwright looks at how these goods were spread and produced in order to allow this wholesale acceptance to be possible Courtwright (focuses on the history ) Tobacco First encountered by Columbus, Dutch and English first to use in a large manner Started out as a expensive luxury good, however soon became a common good Moved through Europe quickly thorugh both war and trade Drug was not confined to one class however Initially shunned by the ruling class however drug was too popular to be stopped Scarred the ruling class so much that in Russia exile was possible, in the middle east and
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