Case study ob 2 - them leave but at the same time he knew that he would be facing problems like this due to the merger His job is to see that this

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December 4, 2007 In the case of “Change: More Pain than Gain”, a meeting occurs between Carlos Alarcon who is the Vice President of Marketing at MediaWorld and two of his employees. The employees are Rita Finch who is the Associate Director of Advertising and Juan Rayes who is the Creative Director. The meeting is being held because Rita and Juan are having problems with the merger of MediaWorks and Franklin/Warner. Due to this merger, a second Associate Director of Advertising, Ronny Peters, and Creative Director, Bill Jackson, have been moved to both Juan and Rita suites . Juan feels that Jackson is uncooperative and not good at his job, while Rita feels Peters is just plain incompetent. Due to these factors Juan and Rita do not feel that they can stay with the company if this continues. Carlos did a mediocre job during the meeting. He does not want to see either of
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Unformatted text preview: them leave, but at the same time he knew that he would be facing problems like this due to the merger. His job is to see that this merger goes through smoothly and if he took their side he would not be doing his job. He tries to convince them both to stay and see how things pan out, also he believes that Juan and Rita are both good communicators and could probably resolve this problem without his help. Although Carlos feels they can resolve this situation on their own, I feel Carlos could step in to help Juan by overseeing Jackson’s performance and then decide what to do. In Rita’s situation, I feel Carlos can not do anything, she totally despises Peters and needs to communicate to Peter’s. If that doesn’t work, then she needs to leave the company....
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