case study - developed by Okurame was used to measure...

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-1 Mentoring and Gender Does a mentor's gender matter? The article written by David E. Okurame is based off of a study that he performed in a Nigerian work environment in order to investigate how a mentor's gender affects the career development functions and psychosocial functions that a mentor provides to their protégés. This study was used to formulate and test the following two hypotheses: Ÿ Higher levels of career development function would occur under male mentors compared to their counterparts. Ÿ Higher levels of psychosocial functions would occur under female mentors compared to their counterparts (Okurame, 2007). The study involved 161 protégés, 64 females and 91 males, who work in a large government owned health institution. Each protégés was given a self-administered questionnaire which measured demographics and mentoring. A 15-item mentoring scale
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Unformatted text preview: developed by Okurame was used to measure informal mentoring functions that a subject felt they had received from a mentor. After tabulating and analyzing data, the results showed that female mentors provided more psychosocial functions to their protégés than male mentors did and their was no significant difference in the career development functions provided by both sexes. Okurame presented not only his own findings, but numerous findings of other studies and theories. He gave a detailed introduction which cited many credible sources along with the discussion which compared his findings to findings of other studies. He also gave a detailed description of how the study was done with excellent detail. Okurame, D.E. (2007), "Perceived mentoring functions: does mentor's gender matter?", Women in Management Review , Vol.22, pp.418-427...
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case study - developed by Okurame was used to measure...

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