fools crow - Pikuni Culture Throughout history it is easy...

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-1 Pikuni Culture Throughout history it is easy to see how the culture of a society ultimately decides whether the society in question will survive the test of time. Certain aspects of a culture such as religion, division of labor, politics, and the natural environment are essential for a culture to survive. Throughout the novel Fools Crow , the culture of the Pikuni Indians is displayed. Various aspects of their everyday life are shown in a way to give the reader a inside view of how their culture controls every trait of their society. The novel takes play in the 1860’s in Montana. Their natural environment is repeatedly displayed in the novel. Their environment is one of mountains, plains and rivers. This type of environment is vast in many animals and plants. The buffalo was the most important animal to their culture. It was a source of food, shelter, clothing, and even tools and weapons. Horses were also a huge part of their society. Horses provided transportation which allowed the Pikuni tribe to be able to stay in one place instead of having to follow the buffalo from place to place. Horses also aided the Pikuni’s in hunting and transporting such things as buffalo and trade items. Both buffalo and horses could also be used as a type of currency. Buffalo skins could be traded with the Europeans for guns, tobacco, and whiskey while horses could be used as a gift for one’s hand in marriage. The Pikuni tribe highly respected and valued these animals, for these animals make their society run smoothly. The division of labor in the society is a typical native american one. The men hunt and fight while the women make skins and watch after the children. The woman have nothing without the men. The men are also the deciding factor on his families wealth, which in term is decided by his hunting skills. If the man can not hunt well, then the wife
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will not have animals to skin and therefore they will have nothing to trade with the white man for. Also if the man is not a good hunter, then his honor will diminish. The division of labor goes with a major theme in this novel, which is honor. Throughout the Pikuni
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fools crow - Pikuni Culture Throughout history it is easy...

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