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September 20, 2007 In the case ,"Diversity; mediating morality" , a meeting takes place between 2 co- workers and their boss. The one employee is a black, homosexual male named Daniel. He feels that his co-worker does not want to work with him because of his sexual preference. The meeting is supposed to be about completing a project but it turns into an argument between the two co-workers. The boss, Syl, tries to stay on topic as best as possible, but Daniel just will not let the argument go. I believe Syl could have handled the situation better. I feel that she didn’t really solve any problems dealing with discrimination between the two workers. She just tried
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Unformatted text preview: to keep getting back to dealing with the project. Even though the meeting with about completing the project, she still needs to deal with such issues in order to have a happy working environment. I think Syl should have sent Bob to counseling in order to try and change his perceptions about homosexuals. I feel that if Bob tells everyone in the office that Daniel is homosexual, Daniel might need to find a new job. The work place should be comfortable and no one should have to deal with discrimination about personal issues. I also think that unless Daniel feels comfortable, his efficiency is going to slump a bit and he will not be satisfied with his job....
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