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Essay one Thesis When looking into the effects of opiates and coca between these two authors one can see a pattern of development for both of these drugs. While Schivelbush discusses how the drugs were received and gained their popularity, Courtwright delves into the start of these drugs and their rise of popularity. Opium started out as a drug utilized by the labor force in order to make everyday life an easier struggle. However as time progressed these drugs became more common and as they were refined started being used for medicinal purposes. However as it was more widely used and refined it came to be a upper class drug which was used habitually and to some damage of society and the problems and abuse it caused. Courtwright Opium Started out being used for nutritional and psychoactive purposes Then moved on to being used as a medicinal drug It was a cheaper recreational diversion and to make the poverty easier Chinese preceded to start smoking the plant Used mostly in the beginning by laborers
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