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Iraq research paper

Iraq research paper - After the events of September 11 the...

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Unformatted text preview: After the events of September 11, the US decided to launch a campaign on regimes that support terrorism. America has disaremed several terrost groups and caused the terrorists to be less effective in carrying out missions to harm those affiliated with America. Iraq is a country that supported terrorism. Iraq was a haven for terrorist activity. According to Colin Powell, There was no weapons of mass destruction found in the country of Iraq. It does not matter weather they had weapons or not. If a child is looking at a cookie jar about to take a cookie you just told him not to take. You would tell him NO! If he began to stick his hand back in the jar. You would punish him. Right? That is what happened in Iraq. Iraq was punished for not following the U.N.’s sanctions. The Iraq government had sought after chemical and biological weapons as well as long range missles. Kenneth Pollack, Director of after chemical and biological weapons as well as long range missles....
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