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barefoot hart - Mark Richards December 5 2006 Falcon MAS...

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Mark Richards December 5, 2006 Falcon MAS 100-03 Live the Dream: Stories of a Migrant Child, Elva Trevino Hart Elva Trevino Hart traveled many miles a young migrant child. Traveling with her brothers and sisters, Delia was the oldest, Delmira was in the eighth grade, Diamantina was fifth grade, and the two brothers Luis, sixth grade, and Rudy in fourth grade. Along with their parents, Ama and Apa. The miles they drove together they learned how to deal with each other, how to work together, but most of how to love each others. The family stayed as close together as they could at all times. When they were in Wisconsin Tio Nina and Tio Alfredo lived three blocks away where they could go visit almost anytime. The only time the family was apart was when the kids went off to school. What she learned affected her for the rest of her life. Traveling from farm to farm working long hours with her family, struggling together she found what she didn’t want to do that for the rest of her life. The family’s journey began with a road trip to Minnesota where they would work in the beet fields. Since they owned no car they hitched a ride with a man Apa met, El Indio. Apa rhode in the front with El Indio and the rest of the family rode in the bed of the truck. They were not allowed to knock on the window to stop to use the restroom. There was a basin in the front of the bed that was used as the restroom. When they needed to use the restroom they tried to hold it as long as they could, until the last possible moment, and always fail. It was the worst part of the trip. When they reached the camp they were placed in a house that was, “stop-signed-shaped” where they would stay
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for the season. In the house they had no icebox, no bathroom, and no chairs. They had nothing but the necessities beds, a stove, and a kitchen. The migrants were played one time at the end of the season. The gringo that employed Elva’s father set up a credit system for the migrants to purchase things they needed. One day when Ama and Apa where getting supplies and the gringos wife came by to give two frozen chickens that they cleaned out of the freezer. Delmira was offended when this happened because it made her feel poor. She wanted to yell at the lady but she held her tongue. The farm owner told Apa that all the children he had that were school-age
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barefoot hart - Mark Richards December 5 2006 Falcon MAS...

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