Week 7b reading

Week 7b reading - (Week 7b Diamond"Guns Germs and Steel...

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(Week 7b) Diamond “Guns, Germs and Steel” Prologue -since last ice age history has developed very differently for different peoples/societies - developmental inequalities have led to some states becoming powerful, while others became weak and were conquered -a very interesting question that is still unanswered is, “why did some nations develop so much while other nations were very stagnant and did not develop in the world” - example: why has America developed into a wealthy, powerful nation while Africa is very poor and powerless - as far back as 1500 AD there were technological and political differences, these led to modern world’s inequalities. But who did these differences start? - we know that in 11 000 BCE all people on all continents were equal (hunters) - new developments appeared in Eurasia before anywhere else ( tools, writing, political systems) - another question to consider: Why did human development proceed at different stages on different continents ? -originally Europeans were thought to be further evolved, survival of the fittest. - with the discovery of genetics, they were thought to be more intelligent - he examines the differences between New Guineans and Europeans in terms of intelligence and fitness to survive -he believes New Guineans are more intelligent because only smart ones survive medical issues because there is little medicine where as Europeans die from epidemics which depends on body chemistry and not intelligence -another reason is that European children are entertained passively (TV, radio etc) while New Guineans actively entertain themselves (causes brain development at a young age) - the question still stands: Why are Europeans more advanced despite apparent lack in intelligence? - the argument that colder climate lead to technological advancement is not substantial
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Week 7b reading - (Week 7b Diamond"Guns Germs and Steel...

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