Week 12, JERVIS 'Explaining the Bush Doctrine'

Week 12, JERVIS 'Explaining the Bush Doctrine' - Week 12:...

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Week 12: Civilizations, Iraq and other disasters R.JERVIS, ‘Explaining the Bush Doctrine’ Originates from the post 9/11 period. The doctrine has 4 elements: 1) Importance of a state’s regime in determining its foreign policy and idea that it is the perfect time to transform International Politics. 2) Great threats can only be defeated by new and vigorous policies. 3) Willingness to act unilaterally when necessary 4) Overriding sense that peace and stability require the US to assert its primacy in world politics. 1) Democracy and liberalism ð Tendency for a state ( a powerful one) to believe its values to be universal and their spread to be a benefit for the rest of the world. - Ex: Woodrow Wilson and educating Latin Americans to ‘vote for the good man’ to bring free markets and free elections to countries without them (this obviously horrifies Realists) ð The Bush administration believes democracy can be set regardless of culture or religion , and may be even rooted in the system once artificial obstacles are removed = A Free and pluralist system is natural order that will prevail. - Iraq example: liberating Iraq will not only produce democracy there but spread it throughout the Middle East. ð + democracies = greater stability, peaceful relations with neighbours an d less terrorism BUT weaknesses of argument: ð Jervis’ problem with Bush doctrine: does not take in consideration the concrete relations a newly democratic middle eastern (M.E) country would have with other ME countries (I.e probably not very good as they would not understand each other anymore). ð Faith based foreign policy (they deeply believe in the benefits even if the weaknesses can be significant) ð The US always asking for more. Excuse is that regime changes are necessary because tyrannical govs will always be prone to disregard agreements.
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Week 12, JERVIS 'Explaining the Bush Doctrine' - Week 12:...

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