September 19

September 19 - bible and western culture – date of...

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Unformatted text preview: bible and western culture – date of creation 19/09/2007 11:44:00 ← What was the date of Creation? • An Anglican – 9 am year… • James bishop – 9am October 23 4004 BC o Worked backward from a date in the book of judges “And it was the 3 rd hour and they crucified him” gospel of Mark • NRSB says it was 9am. ← Picture of the tree of life with jesus crucified on him. Linking between tree of life and crucifix. ← ← Are the 6 [7] days of creation, indefinitely long periods of time? • Says moses – yesterday is like a 1000 years in the sight of god o Therefore each day could be 1000 years • ~6000 years of creation • its not a text that conveys a certain meaning • psalm where it says • could be 4000 years, where god created the universe first. • A day with the lord could be 24 hours to the power of 5 • The days in the genesis have no definite period of time o Day age theory ← Charles Darwin – late comer to the science vs religion round table. ← Prior to today, wasn’t as bad. ← ← Gap theory: • Gap between creation of heaven and earth in the beginning, and the subsequent creation of beings in a literal 6 day period. • In this gap the dev. Of the geologic strata occurred....
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September 19 - bible and western culture – date of...

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