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September 19 - • Essay talk about what Socrates believes...

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Unformatted text preview: • Essay: talk about what Socrates believes, then what you believe. Mainly focus on Meno, but should mention Phaedo Arguments for immortality of the soul • 1 st argument: Cyclical argument; all things alternate back and forth between opposites; therefore living must come back from dead, therefore soul must continue living and com e back to life • Simple things, like forms, are invisible • Cant see with naked eye, can only see instances or exam ples but not the form s themselves o Eg can see a triangle, but the form of triangularity is not visible • The soul is also invisible • When the soul is off “doing its thing” what are its objects, what is it doing? Contemplating? o Trying to acquire knowledge of the forms, contemplating the forms • Are the forms indestructible, everlasting? Yes • 2 nd argument: The soul contemplates the soul, not the particulars, so...
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