(Week 3)McManus-Bluffing and the Royal Flush of Cold Warfare

(Week 3)McManus-Bluffing and the Royal Flush of Cold...

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Poli 244 Summary- Bluffing and the Royal Flush of Cold Warfare by James McManus This article compares international relations to the game of poker. McManus uses the example of North Korea’s announcement that they would start to produce nuclear weapons to prove how governments can use information that may or may not be true in order to threaten their competition. He makes a reference to Morgenstern and von Neumann’s “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior,” which was written in 1944 and resulted in the creation of a new field of study: game theory. Since then, political scientists have been studying how tactics used in the game of poker can be put to use at the level of interaction between nations. International relations is similar to poker because the best hand doesn’t always win, and countries must deal with changing situations (which could be affected by political, economical, social, or environmental factors). Furthermore, the players can use the “art of bluffing” in order to deceive their
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