Can Democracy Stop Terrorism

Can Democracy Stop Terrorism - (Week 11) Gause, "Can...

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(Week 11) Gause, “Can Democracy Stop Terrorism?” I. What Freedom Brings a. View of Bush Administration on democracy in Middle East i. It will spread American values, improve U.S. security ii. Also stop generating anti-American sentiment iii. According to these views, promoting democracy in Middle East (ME) is necessary to achieve U.S. security goals b. As the more democratic a country becomes, is it less likely to produce terrorists and terrorist groups? i. Answer appears to be no 1. data available doesn’t show a strong relationship between democracy and an absence of or reduction in terrorism 2. terrorism comes from reasons more specific than regime type; also al Qaeda and similar terrorist groups aren’t fighting for democracy but their vision of Islamic state ii. as democracy unfolds in an Arab country seems more likely to produce Islamist gov. more hostile to U.S. than current regimes c. Bush administration’s ideas on democracy believe that even if Islamists come to power, the realities of governance will moderate them or the public will become disillusioned with them i. This mindset will not serve immediate U.S. interests in the war on terrorism or other ME policies ii. Instead the U.S. should encourage the development of secular, nationalist, and liberal political organizations that could compete with Islamist parties (author’s alternative to U.S. policy of pushing for democracy and quick elections that go along with U.S. view of instilling democracy) II. The Missing Link a. Bush’s view i. Authoritarian regimes control a country’s political life, preventing a responsible opposition to develop and dissent is driven underground towards the extreme. To draw attention away for their failures, these
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Can Democracy Stop Terrorism - (Week 11) Gause, "Can...

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