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(Week 8) Gaddis Long Peace

(Week 8) Gaddis Long Peace - Week 8-9 John Lewis Gaddis The...

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Week 8-9 John Lewis Gaddis The Long Peace: Elements of Stability in the Postwar International System **This article was written in 1985 – so it mainly focuses on the Cold War divide between the US and USSR** The main point of this article is to examine why the planned out peace after WWI lasted only 20 years, where as the “peace” after WWII, even without a real peace treaty, lasted until the date of publication (1985). Gaddis defines an international system as having two conditions: o Interconnectedness between units in the system o Difference between collective behavior of the system and priorities/expectations of the individual units of the system Gaddis defines a stable system as: o No single nation becoming dominant o Most of its members continue to survive o Large-scale war DOES NOT OCCUR **Gaddis spends the rest of the paper discussing two aspects of stability, structural and behavioral elements, and looks at these through the US-USSR relationship. The point he makes is this is a stable system, as there has not been any major war since WWII.**
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