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First Video study questions

First Video study questions - A ‘day’ ends at 5pm The...

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Video #1 Sept 13 th , 2007-09-11 Changing Nature: Population and Environment at a Crossroads Study Questions Choose 2 of the case studies presented in the movie (Morocco, Ghana, Ukraine, Mexico and Vietnam) For each case study: 1. Describe the specific environmental problems and their relationship to the quality of life. Use facts from the movie and include any specific problems faced by women. 2. What local solutions are being developed to combat the problems? Relate them as appropriate to economics, education, technology, population, and social cultural organization. General assignment information You must do 2 sets of video study questions, to be submitted November 27 th at 5 pm to the TA office, Burnside room 603. Late assignments are penalized at 10% per day.
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Unformatted text preview: A ‘day’ ends at 5pm. The video assignment must be submitted to the TA office, Burnside room 603 before 5 pm on November 27 th to avoid late penalties. The DVDs are on 3 hour reserve at the McLennan and Redpath Library. Each set of study question should not exceed 600 words. Formatting: • Do not waste paper by making a title page. (double siding is also good, but not necessary) • Put your name and student number as headers on each page . • Begin the second video on a new page. • Use 1.5 line spacing so the TA can read it. • Number each page. • At the top of the first page indicate the video you are using. • Include the study questions with your answers....
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