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Reading Group Summary-1 - "The Conditions for Cooperation...

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“The Conditions for Cooperation in World Politics” Kenneth Oye Introduction Despite the absence of any ultimate international authority, governments often bind themselves to mutually advantageous courses of action and agree to trust and cooperate with other countries. They realize their common interests through cooperation, formal bi-lateral and multilateral negotiation, and the creation of international regimes. Payoff Structure: Mutual and Conflicting Preferences In order for a mutual benefit to exist, players must prefer mutual cooperation to mutual defection, and must realize the personal benefit of unilateral defection to unrequited cooperation Prisoner’s Dilemma: DC > CC > DD > CD the temptation of the rat payoff anf the fear of the sucker payoff will drive single-play Prisoner’s Dilemma to mutual defection individually rational actions produce suboptimal outcome Stag Hunt CC > DC > DD > CD a group of hunter’s surrounds a stag, if they all cooperate, they will each get to eat the stag. If one person decides to chase a rabbit instead, he will eat lightly and none of the others will get to eat. If all the hunter’s chase rabbits then they will all eat lightly. cooperation will be assured only if each hunter believes that all hunter will
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Reading Group Summary-1 - "The Conditions for Cooperation...

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