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244 State Behaviour, Mid-Term Instructions Below you will find some instructions for the midterm, and at the bottom of the page, a statement that I am asking the students of the course to sign, as recommended by the Associate Dean of Students. While Minerva may be down over the weekend, you can access webct via either webct.mcgill.ca or mycourses.mcgill.ca. When you open the exam online and see the question, you will have two hours to write. We advise you to write your answer in a word-processing program and then copy and paste it into the webct window. If you take longer than two hours, you will still be able to answer the question, but we will know so that you will be penalized if you go over the time limit by a significant amount. You will have the choice of two questions—answer only one of them.
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Unformatted text preview: The exam is open book, open note, so focus less on regurgitation and more on providing the best answer to the question. The exam will be graded on an absolute scale (did you answer the question well), not an relative one (did you do it better than others in the class). A strong answer will display command of both the lectures and the readings. We do not care about citation style, just that you do cite your sources. If you have a problem during the exam, email me and your TA. Do not forget to put your name and TA's name on the top of line of your answer. I will neither give nor receive assistance on this exam. __________________ ________________ _________________ Signature Name TA/Conference...
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