asn 3. cheeseball

asn 3. cheeseball - him for help with my cheese ball? Did...

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Because of the atrocities that occurred last Saturday in your store, it is imperative that you take action against your deli workers as well as your assistant manager. Has anyone made you aware of the fact that your deli had a blood encrusted needle inside one of the cheese balls that I purchased? Isn’t it your job to see this doesn’t happen, moreover happen again? Has your assistant manager confessed to completely disrespecting me when I tried to approach
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Unformatted text preview: him for help with my cheese ball? Did he tell you that he said Oh shut the hell up, there was no damn needle in your cheese ball. You probably put it there because you are cheap and want free food. Get out of my face before I throw you out of here? Are you aware of the industry standard to retrain or replace? Please send me a list of steps you are taking to ensure this problem never happens again....
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