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Phil Paper #2 - John Brinck 11/20/06 Philosophy 140 Nate...

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John Brinck 11/20/06 Philosophy 140 Nate Gadd Monday 10 AM Second Paper Religious Dogma and Homosexuality In an article written by the Associated Press entitled Planned Gay Pride March in Israel Raises Fears , several Orthodox Jews voiced their discontent with the fact that a group of homosexuals intended to stage a Gay Rights march through the holy city of Jerusalem. Mina Fenton, an Orthodox member of Jerusalem’s City Council, said “This march is a ruthless assault on traditional Jewish values and the sanctity of Jerusalem” (Associated Press). So the opposition to homosexuality seems to be based on the fact that it conflicts with Judaism, which forbids homosexuality. Although not explicitly stated, I think this is an accurate representation of these Jewish people’s argument against this gay pride march: P1. Homosexuality is contrary to God's word, which is given through the Bible. P2. Everyone ought to act according to God's word, as He dictates morality. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - P3. Homosexuality is immoral P4. Public display of immoral things ought to be outlawed. P5. This march through Jerusalem is a public display of an immoral thing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - C. This march ought to be outlawed I will now discuss each of these premises. Orthodox Jews believe the Bible is the direct word of God; that he commanded the authors exactly what to write word for word (Robinson). In the Old Testament, it is written in Lev 18:22-
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Phil Paper #2 - John Brinck 11/20/06 Philosophy 140 Nate...

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