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IN asn 1. Morgan Widgets Raise

IN asn 1. Morgan Widgets Raise - are the only reason that...

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It is now time for Morgan Widgets to increase my compensation package substantially, For the past five years my sales have been steadily increasing. In the past five years my sales with the Ford Motor Company have grown 782% in the last quarter alone my sales have risen 30%. Similar to the Ford Motor Company, the Daimler-Chrysler account has grown significantly in sales. Over the past five years my sales have grown 734% for the Daimler- Chrysler Corporation. Elliott Morgan, our CEO, said in the past two shareholder reports that these two accounts
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Unformatted text preview: are the only reason that Morgan Widgets is still in business. “Thanks to the Ford and Daimler-Chrysler accounts, Morgan Widgets is able to stay at the forefront of the widget industry. Without these accounts we would surely have gone bankrupt.” For these reasons Morgan Widgets must increase my compensation package substantially at this time. I have scheduled a meeting with you in your office on Friday at 10 am to set a date of effectiveness....
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