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asn 4. cheating letter

asn 4. cheating letter - sure you are unaware of the fact...

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It has come to my attention that my son, Josh Hewitt, cheated on his research paper in your English class. A meeting to correct his behavior is necessary. We apparently have failed to teach him a good moral code, and since neither I nor my wife is a teacher, we need your expertise. We have made him go to church with us his whole life; we have persuaded him to partake in community service projects; we have talked to him about being honest, and we obviously have failed. We truly appreciate you not expelling our son, but we cannot afford him failing this class. I am
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Unformatted text preview: sure you are unaware of the fact that he attends this school on a scholarship. If he were to fail this class, it would nullify his scholarship and not allow him to return to school; therefore, is it possible that he redoes his assignment and turns it in to you in 2 weeks as well as retaking your class next semester? I have set up a meeting on Friday at 2 PM in your office, to finalize the plan for my son....
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