Romanticism in Old Izergil

Romanticism in Old Izergil - tells the stories of workers...

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Jonathan Rose 2/18/07 Dr. Baeva English 3306 Gorky’s Old Izergil an example of Romanticism Maxim Gorky paints a beautiful picture in his work “Old Izergil.” His affinity for the romantic side of nature is evident, but sometimes his literary efforts and dramatic scoped are overlooked due to inadequate critical appraisal. The story is set, “on the Bessarabian coast, near Akkerman,” or at least that is what Maxim Gorky would like us to believe. He does take our mind their with his vivid rhetoric and pointed diction that
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Unformatted text preview: tells the stories of workers living hard days. There is anger and passion in this story workers don’t lay down and die in Maxim Gorky’s poetic retelling of possible historic happenings or a passed down story or something he witnessed firsthand and just could not be silent about. The story is harsh and stark as blood in the night at times. It ends in a passionate anger that gives way to violence that shakes the reader. The end is a clash of thunder after a dark night near the coast....
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